Find an ATM

For your convenience, there are FNB ATMs available at the following locations:

  • Key Filling Station - Excel Garage
  • Bafokeng Filling Station
  • Benson Butchery
  • Bus Stop
  • Dion Fnb Atm
  • Gateway Filling Station
  • Metcash Complex
  • Modise Off-sales
  • Pioneer Shopping Centre
  • Scooters Maseru Fnb Atm
  • Sefika Complex
  • Thetsane Filling Station
  • Usave Hatsolo
  • Express Foods Maputsoe
  • Hlotse Excel Garage
  • Shoprite Building Hlotse
  • Total Garage Maputsoe
  • TY Thabo's Fruits and Veg
  • Kayce's Restaurant
  • LCS Mafeteng
  • LCS Mohales Hoek
  • Mohales Hoek Exel Garage
  • Morija Excel Garage
  • Butha Buthe Branch
  • Kingsway Branch
  • DLM Complex
  • Maseru Mall
  • Masianokeng Total Garage
  • Pioneer Mall Parking Fnb Atm
  • Sefika Complex
  • TY Excel Garage
  • Village-Walk Mall
  • Lower Moyeni Store
  • Mafeteng Branch
  • Fnb Lesotho Maputsoe
  • Maputsoe Branch
  • Maseru Branch
  • Pioneer Mall Branch
  • TY Branch
  • Hlotse Branch

Find a branch

FNB Lesotho Limited branches can be found at the following locations:

Pioneer Branch

Shop UG33
Pioneer Mall
Corner Mpilo and Pioneer Rd

Maputsoe Branch

Crystal Packers Building
Sir Seretse Khama Road

Kingsway Branch

Star Lion Building
Corner Kingsway and Parliament Road

Butha-Buthe Branch

Shop 2 and 3
Muslim Congregation Building
Sechele Street

Mafeteng Branch

High-way Complex Building
Corner Mafeteng Hotel Road
Plot 06472-518

TY Branch

Moshoeshoe Road

Hlotse Branch

Shop No. B1 & B2
Nolans Complex
Lisemeng 1
Main Road
Hlotse Lesotho

Cash Plus Agents

Deposit and withdraw cash conveniently at any FNB Cash Plus agent listed below instead of queuing at branches or ATMs. All you need is an FNB account and be registered for Cellphone Banking. Additional Cash Plus services include airtime and electricity purchases.


Zeecom Mobile and Computers

Victoria Hotel Building

Mago Enterprise

Khubetsoana Opposite Nutri Foods

Bochabela General Café

Bochabela Khubetsoana

Pioneer Auto Service

Pioneer Garage

KT Business Solution


The Ultimate Public

Bar Ha Pita

Sima Communications

Pitso Ground

Calabash Catering


Calabash Offsales


Phalima Offsales

Ha Tsolo

Modise Logistics

Ha modise



Falimehang G eneral Café

Ha Lesia

One Price Enterprise

Cathedral Area

Lehloa Petroleum

Thetsane Garage

Bafokeng Filling Station

Ha Matala Garage


Pioneer Mall

Seal Technology

Ha Thetsane


Golden Pot Catering

Ha Mokhothu

Kome Careting

Next to TY Branch


Alli Saab Fillinf Station

Hlotse Filling Station

Nortern Giants

Maputsoe Filling Station

Fin General Café


Hongcai Shopper

Next to Maputsoe Branch

London Take Away


Ha Seotsanyane

Ha Nyenye Filling Station

Machabeng General Café



Shoppers Rite Mini-Market


Real Tech

Excel Garage

Thabelo Enterprise

Near Mokhotlong Bus-Stop


Bay Fruits and Veg


Ntja Mokoatle Trading

Ntja Mokoatle


Mamosiane Catering

Ha Mme Mamosiane

JJ Brick Works


Nanabolela General Café



Rolling Wheel


Mitchell Trading


Qacha's Nek

Qacha's Nek Filling Station

Qacha's Nek Garage

Mohale's Hoek

Holy City

Oppoite Cash Build

Majantja Supermaket


United Supermarket

Before Castle Rock


Lephola Farm

Next to the Old Bus Stop

Mult Distributors

Leboneng Opposite Build It

Khomari Transport

Smart Centre Building

Lerato General Café

Ha ntate Molise

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1. Philosophy

The FirstRand Banking Group and all its subsidiaries and associates globally, referred to as the Group, are committed to a policy of fair dealing and integrity in the conduct of its business.

This comment rests on the fundamental belief that business should be conducted honestly, fairly and within the framework of applicable laws.

The Group expects employees to share its commitment to high moral, ethical and legal standards, and be committed to contribute to the commercial success of the Group, achieved against this ethical background.

Adherence to this Code is a strategic business imperative and a source of competitive advantage.

2. Purpose and scope of this Code

The purpose of the Code is to promote and enforce ethical business practices and standards within the Group and to provide a benchmark for all behaviour. All employees are requested to take careful note of the contents of this Code and ensure that they comply with both the written word and the spirit of the Code.

Media Relations

The employee acknowledges that he/she will accumulate, during the course of his/her employment with the Group, a considerable amount of information, which he/she acknowledges to be of a confidential nature, the employee acknowledges responsibility for ensuring the protection of such information and will not divulge it in any unauthorized manner.

No information, financial or otherwise, regarding any clients of the Group may be provided to outsiders, without the prior written permission of the client.

Application and General Obligations

This Code of Ethics applies to:

  • The managers and directors of the Group, including non-executive directors; and
  • Employees;
  • Other representatives (i.e. contract employees, fulltime consultants, etc. of the Group).

All persons listed above are individually and/or collectively referred to as "employees" in this Code.

In practicing this Code, all employees are expected to:

  • Respect their terms and conditions of employment
  • Defend and maintain the reputation of the Group
  • Practice sound labour relations
  • Develop their personal capabilities

If employees are in doubt about how to apply the Code, they should discuss the matter with the person to whom they report.

The Group may, from time to time, and after consultation with staff representative bodies, amend the Code and these changes will be communicated to all employees.

If employees become aware of, or suspect a contravention of the Code, they must promptly and confidentially advise the Group as set out in the section "Contravention of the Code".

Personal Behaviour

The employee acknowledges that he/she will accumulate, during the course of his/her employment with the Group, a considerable amount of information, which he/she acknowledges to be of a confidential nature, the employee acknowledges responsibility for ensuring the protection of such information and will not divulge it in any unauthorized manner.

No information, financial or otherwise, regarding any clients of the Group may be provided to outsiders, without the prior written permission of the client.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Employees must comply with the applicable laws, rules and regulations which relate to their activities for and on behalf of the Group.

Employees may not break the law or enter into unethical business practices, including taking money for, or taking part in, any unlawful act/s including but not limited to bribery, fraud, theft or money laundering.

Employees must ensure that their behavior cannot be interpreted in any way as contravening any laws and rules that govern the operations of the Group. Employees should ensure that they are not involved in any form of dishonesty, deceit or misrepresentation, during or after working hours, that may affect the Group or the employment relationship.

The Group will not condone any violation of the law or unethical business practices by any employee.

An employee who has to appear in a court of law, on a matter which may affect the Group, either on his/her own behalf or as a representative of the Group, should inform his/her immediate senior with immediate effect.

The Group supports:

  • The King Report on Corporate Governance;
  • The Code of Banking Practice of the Banking Council of South Africa;
  • The Register of Employees Dismissed;
  • The Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct of the Institute of Financial Markets;
  • The rules and directives of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange; the rules of the South African Futures Exchange; and the Rules of the Bond Exchange of South Africa.
  • The Central Bank of Lesotho Corporate Governance Guidelines and all Laws applicable in the Kingdom of Lesotho

Copies of these documents and all applicable acts are kept in the Compliance/Internal Audit Departments and are available for reference to all employees.

Environmental Responsibility

The Group is committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees in terms of the law, and supports environmental management where it is applicable.

Group Assets and Records

Employees should, at all times, ensure that the Groups assets, including copyright and intellectual property, are used for lawful business purposes only, and remain the sole property of the Group.

When using material in substantially the same form as prepared by other persons, employees should acknowledge the author or publisher of that material.

Employment Equity

The Groups Employment Equity Policy ensures compliance with the Employment Equity Act and the Group is committed to achieving the purposes of the Act, namely:-

  • Eliminating all forms of unfair discriminat
  • Promoting diversity and a culture of equality

The Group therefore promotes a system of equal opportunity and equal treatment for all and rejects any form of tokenism, window dressing, "jobs for loyalty" employment.

The Group commits itself to creation of an environment within which an employee can assure his/her own employability, inside or outside the organization.

Obligation of Managers

Managers shall:

  • be responsible for communicating this Code to all employees and ensuring that they understand it
  • be responsible for the observance of the ethical obligations of their areas of control;
  • make sure employees comply to the Code when relating to customers;
  • respect the confidentiality of sensitive customer information;
  • act honestly and in good faith;
  • not allow Group services to be used for private purposes, unless special prior approval has been obtained from a senior;
  • act within his/her powers, in the interest of, and for the benefit of, the Group;
  • not place themselves in a position where their personal interests could conflict with their duties to the Group;
  • ensure good buying practices with suppliers to the Group;
  • report honestly on the financial position of the Group to its creditors, when necessary.

Contravention of the Code

Non-compliance with the Code is a serious and disciplinary offence. Any investigation into suspected or possible breaking of the rules must be kept confidential.

If an employee is of the belief that his/her conduct may have contravened the Code, this should be immediately reported to his/her senior, who will take the necessary action.

If an employee becomes aware or suspects that someone else within the Group has or may have contravened the Code, this information should also be reported immediately to his/ her senior, preferably in writing and in a confidential manner. The employee should not confront the individual concerned to ensure confidentiality and for the matter to be investigated objectively.

All information received even anonymously should be reported to the Group.

Non-compliance with the Code may lead to disciplinary action being taken against an employee, which may lead to dismissal. Certain breaches of the Code could also culminate in civil or criminal proceedings.

This Code and its Principles as set out above are to be implemented throughout the Group.

Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest exists when employees in association with immediate family members have direct or indirect personal interests in, or derive benefits from, transactions to which the Group is also a party. Such situations must be avoided and prevented at all times, in the interest of honest and bona fide busi ness practices.

Employees are expected to perform their duties conscientiously, honestly and in accordance with the best interests of the Group.

Employees will, therefore, not carry on business on their own account or have other conflicting interests, without full disclosure to the Group.

If employees are of the opinion that the conduct, behavior or activity in which they are involved may constitute a conflict of interest with the Group, it should immediately be brought to the attention of that employee's immediate senior.

1. Personal account trading

The Group acknowledges and respects the right of all employees to make personal investment decisions as they see fit, as long as these decisions do not contravene the provisions of the Code, any applicable legislation, or any policies or procedures established by the various operating areas of the Group.

This includes the provision that these decisions are not made on the basis of material confidential information obtained by reason of their employment.

Employees may enter into personal account joint trading, provided that the trading:

  • Is not insider trading (using confidential information that may affect the share price);
  • Does not conflict with the interests of the Group or its client;

2. Gifts, hospitality and favours

Financial services officials have a specialized position in the business world which places them in situations where efforts will surely be made to influence their discretion.

Conflicts of interest can arise when employees are offered gifts, hospitality or other favours that may, or could be perceived to influence their judgment in relation to business transactions such as placing orders and contracts or procuring clients and accounts.

Employees may under no circumstances accept gifts that can be regarded as bribes e.g. valuable and expensive gifts, airline tickets, etc.

Any gift that has the potential to affect that employee's future objectivity or places that employee under any obligation, is not acceptable, unless fully approved by the employees senior. Cash gifts may not be accepted under any circumstances.

Any offer of this kind must be declined politely or returned to the sender immediately, if it is delivered without prior notice. The onus is on the employee to seek clarification from his senior in the event of uncertainty.

Accepting small gifts such as promotional items, company pens, or items of limited value, would not be regarded as breaking this Code.

Occasional personal hospitality, such as tickets to local sporting events or theatres may be accepted, provided that the person receiving the favour pays for any travel or accommodation him/herself.

If an employee receives an invitation to out-of-town events, trips or promotions involving travel and accommodation arrangements that the employee does not pay for him/herself, he/ she should obtain approval from the head of the business unit.

Employees should follow the same guidelines when handing out gifts to clients.

3. Outside activities, employment and directorships

We all share a very real responsibility to contribute to our local communities, and the Group encourages employees to take part in religious, charitable, educational and civic activities.

Employees should, however, avoid taking part in any activity outside the Group which would constitute an unreasonable demand upon their time, attention and energy and which would hinder their job performance/best efforts on the job.

Valid participation in the activities of the recognized trade union would not constitute a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest is a duty, interest or distraction that would interfere with his/her independent judgment in the Groups best interest.

Employees should obtain prior written permission from the Group to hold any employment and/or interest in any business undertaking, outside the Group, including any temporary employment. Employees must therefore obtain prior approval from their immediate senior before accepting any appointments as a director of public or private company is outside the Group (See Appendix I).

4. Relationships with customers and suppliers

Employees should ensure that they are independent, and are perceived to be independent, from any business organization having a contract with the Group or providing goods or services to the Group.

Employees may not invest in, or obtain a financial interest, directly or indirectly, in such a business organization, other than shareholdings in public companies.

5. Remuneration

No employee may accept commissions or other payment related to the sale of any product or service belonging to the Group, except as specified in the employee's terms of employment. Employees may only sell authorized products and services.

No employee may accept payment or commission of any kind from a customer, supplier, etc.

Appendix I - Procedure to be followed in declaring outside interests

1. Definition of outside interests to be disclosed:

The onus rests on employees and directors to disclose all potentially conflicting interests.

These interests should be declared on the following basis:

  • Any position or beneficial interests that an employee or his/her immediate family may hold in any company (public or private), partnerships, close corporations, bodies corporate, or business venture of any nature, must be disclosed.
  • This situation does not apply to the acceptance of office on club committees, welfare organizations or bodies of a similar nonprofit making nature.
  • All existing outside interests which were established before the issue of this Code document, must be disclosed and declared.
  • All existing and new appointments will be required to declare any outside business interests in accordance with the above Code and provide details of any changes in future.

2. Procedure for Disclosure

This information should be disclosed to the employee's immediate senior or any higher authority, who will be responsible for recording the interests concerned in a confidential register and submitting it to the CEO.

Details of the interest are required in order to decide whether the interest conflicts with group business.

Confidentiality and Protection of Information

The employee acknowledges that he/she will accumulate, during the course of his/her employment with the Group, a considerable amount of information, which he/she acknowledges to be of a confidential nature, the employee acknowledges responsibility for ensuring the protection of such information and will not divulge it in any unauthorized manner.

No information, financial or otherwise, regarding any clients of the Group may be provided to outsiders, without the prior written permission of the client.