Find an ATM

For your convenience, there are FNB ATMs available at the following locations:

  • Key Filling Station - Excel Garage
  • Bafokeng Filling Station
  • Benson Butchery
  • Bus Stop
  • Dion Fnb Atm
  • Gateway Filling Station
  • Metcash Complex
  • Modise Off-sales
  • Pioneer Shopping Centre
  • Scooters Maseru Fnb Atm
  • Sefika Complex
  • Thetsane Filling Station
  • Usave Hatsolo
  • Express Foods Maputsoe
  • Hlotse Excel Garage
  • Shoprite Building Hlotse
  • Total Garage Maputsoe
  • TY Thabo's Fruits and Veg
  • Kayce's Restaurant
  • LCS Mafeteng
  • LCS Mohales Hoek
  • Mohales Hoek Exel Garage
  • Morija Excel Garage
  • Butha Buthe Branch
  • Kingsway Branch
  • DLM Complex
  • Maseru Mall
  • Masianokeng Total Garage
  • Pioneer Mall Parking Fnb Atm
  • Sefika Complex
  • TY Excel Garage
  • Village-Walk Mall
  • Lower Moyeni Store
  • Mafeteng Branch
  • Fnb Lesotho Maputsoe
  • Maputsoe Branch
  • Maseru Branch
  • Pioneer Mall Branch
  • TY Branch
  • Hlotse Branch

Find a branch

FNB Lesotho Limited branches can be found at the following locations:

Pioneer Branch

Shop UG33
Pioneer Mall
Corner Mpilo and Pioneer Rd

Maseru Branch

Shop 4, LNDC Building
Kingsway Road

Maputsoe Branch

Crystal Packers Building
Sir Seretse Khama Road

Kingsway Branch

Star Lion Building
Corner Kingsway and Parliament Road

Butha-Buthe Branch

Shop 2 and 3
Muslim Congregation Building
Sechele Street

Mafeteng Branch

High-way Complex Building
Corner Mafeteng Hotel Road
Plot 06472-518

TY Branch

Moshoeshoe Road

Hlotse Branch

Shop No. B1 & B2
Nolans Complex
Lisemeng 1
Main Road
Hlotse Lesotho

Mokhotlong Branch

Alliance Building
Plot # 50274
Main Road
Lesotho ATM & ADT

Cash Plus Agents

Deposit and withdraw cash conveniently at any FNB Cash Plus agent listed below instead of queuing at branches or ATMs. All you need is an FNB account and be registered for Cellphone Banking. Additional Cash Plus services include airtime and electricity purchases.


Tummy General

Qoaling, Maseru

Two brothers Projects & Investments

BNP Centre, Maseru

MRK Boutique

LNDC, Maseru

Frontline Motors

Next to CBL, Maseru

Mellow Snack bar

Cathedral area, Maseru

Immaculate Suppliers

Medcash Building, Maseru

HMS Farmtech

Ha- Hoohlo, Maseru

Pesi General Dealer

Ha Abia, Maseru

Burdes clothing and footwear

NRH Mall, Maseru

Pally' Beauty

QC-Point, Maseru

Mes technology

Jackpot building, Maseru

Yona Yethu Tavern

Marabeng, Maseru

Roadside Tavern

Morija, Maseru

Thethe's kiosk

Maseru Mall, Maseru

Capita floring

Tradorette, Maseru

Katleho General Dealer

Sekamaneng, Maseru

Sima Communications

Maseru Mall, Maseru

Smith Off Sales

Lekhaloaneng, Maseru

Mabotse General

Qoaling, Maseru

GM Shopping

Motimposo, Maseru

Phethy Off Sales

Ha Leqele, Maseru

Afri Solutions

Kubetsoana, Maseru

Shololo General

Naleli, Maseru

Somies Boutique

NRH, Maseru


Hillsview, Maseru

One C all Pharmacy

Ha Mabate, Maseru

Ether Pharmacy

Tradorette, Maseru

Max Bulk Resellers

Sea- Point, Maseru

KTA Off Sales

Khubetsoana, Maseru

L-Mac Pharmacy

Khubetsoana, Maseru

Mantsopa Herbalist

Ha Pita, Maseru

Lecholi Foods

Khubetsoana, Maseru


Ha Tsolo, Maseru

Naledi Mini Market

Naleli Pela Ha Rasta, Maseru

Solution Pharmaceutical

Borokhoaneng, Maseru

Sime Communication

Pitso Ground

Advance Locksmith

Pioneer Mall

Bright Light

Qoaling Ha Machabachaba

Tumy General

Qoaling Ha Machabachaba

Zeecom Mobile and Computers

Victoria Hotel Building

Bochabela General Cafe

Bochabela Khubetsoana

Pioneer Auto Service

Pioneer Garage

KT Business Solution


Sima Communications

Pitso Ground

Calabash Catering


Calabash Offsales


Modise Logistics

Ha modise



Falimehang General Cafe

Ha Lesia

One Price Enterprise

Cathedral Area

Lehloa Petroleum

Thetsane Garage

Bafokeng Filling Station

Ha Matala Garage


Pioneer Mall

Seal Technology

Ha Thetsane


Golden Pot Catering

Ha Mokhothu

Kome Careting

Next to TY Branch


Whispers Tavern

Peka, Leribe

Tsoelang Pele

Peka, Leribe

Molakolako Tavern

Peka, Leribe

Two Sisters

Ha Maqele, Leribe

Ha Seotsanyane

Hlotse, Leribe

Leribe Highway

Lisemeng, Leribe

Makabelane Tavern

Tabola- Peka, Leribe

Makabelane Tavern

Peka, Leribe

Precious of Africa

Maputsoe, Leribe

Liba's Factory

Lisemeng, Leribe


Maputsoe, Leribe

Showery Year .co

Maputsoe, Leribe

Bkoena General

Peka, Leribe

All in one Mini Market

Hlotse, Leribe

Whispers Tavern

Peka, Leribe

Tsoelang Pele

Peka, Leribe

Molakolako Tavern

Peka, Leribe

Two Sisters

Ha Maqele, Leribe

Ha Seotsanyana

Hlotse Filling Station

Nortern Giants

Maputsoe Filling Station

Hongcai Shopper

Next to Maputsoe Branch

London Take Away


Ha Seotsanyane

Ha Nyenye Filling Station

Machabeng General Cafe



Phoenix Holdings

Butha Bothe reserve, Butha, Buthe

LKL Investments

Traffic circle. Butha- Buthe

Pally Jane

Butha Bothe reserve, Butha, Buthe

Aabian Electronics

Likila Complex, Butha- Buthe

Baba Enterprise

Opposite Cash Build

Maqdum Enterprises

Old Bus Stop

Shoppers Rite Mini-Market


Real Tech

Excel Garage

Thabelo Enterprise

Near Mokhotlong Bus-Stop


Gandhi and Babudi Sons Enterprise

Makholokoe, Mokhotlong

Sima Communication


Khutlisi GeneralL


Maluba-luba General


Bay Fruits and Veg


Ntja Mokoatle Trading

Ntja Mokoatle


MS Suppliers

Thabong, Thaba, Tseka

MalibaFarm Feed

Phomolong, Thaba -Tseka

Machabeng Catering

Mantsonyane, Thaba- Tseka

808 Public Bar

Thaba Tseka

Mamosiane Catering

Ha Mme Mamosiane

JJ Brick Works


Nanabolela General Cafe



Seotloaneng Public Bar

Upper Moyeni, Quthing

Moments Café

Upper Moyeni, Quthing

Ha Thato

Upper Moyeni, Quthing

Sima Communication

Upper Moyeni, Quthing

Rolling Wheel


Mitchell Trading


Qacha's Nek

Simma Communications

Qacha's Nek Reserve, Qacha

Amo's Kitchen

SPU Building, Qacha

Kedis Phamarcy

Qacha's Nek Reserve, Qacha

Qacha's Nek Filling Station

Qacha's Nek Garage

Mohale's Hoek

Boliba holdings

Phamong, Mohales Hoek

Q. City butchery

Qalakheng, Mohales Hoek

Simma Communication

Mohale's hoek

Holy City

Oppoite Cash Build

Majantja Supermaket



Agro Pro Investments

Mafeteng CBD, Mafeteng

Green City

Four Square, Mfeteng

Easy Pay 2

Ha- Sehlabo, Mfeteng

F & L Holdings

Matholeng, Mafeteng

Dawn Hair

Next to Mafeteng Branch, Mafeteng

Lephola Farm

Next to the Old Bus Stop

Mult Distributors

Leboneng Opposite Build It

Lerato General Cafe

Ha ntate Molise


Mohlakola Car Rentals

Ha Motjoka, Berea

TY Four Square

Ha Mokhothu, Berea

All in one services

Ha Motjoka, Berea

Allif Supermarket

Ha Motseki, Berea

Phokeng General Dealer

Machoaboleng, Berea

Makhoroana Tavern

Ha Makhoarana,Berea

What can I do?

  • Don't give out personal information on the phone, fax or on social media platforms.
  • Verify all requests for personal information.
  • Store personal and financial documentation safely.
  • Don't carry unnecessary personal information in your wallet or purse.
  • When destroying personal information, either shred or burn it.
  • Report a stolen ID or driver's licence to the 24-hour single fraud line.
  • Request that sensitive documents be sent via registered mail or door-to-door mail.
  • Pay attention to account cycles so that you can identify when communications intended for you, have not reached you.
  • Install firewall and antivirus software protection to prevent a computer virus sending out personal information from your computer.
  • Choose a different PIN for your credit, cheque and debit cards, so that if you lose one, the others will still be safe.

What does a phishing attack look like?

Phishing emails always include a link prompting users to select it and disclose personal information. Never select a link in an email claiming to be from a financial institution, e.g., your bank. If the email is suspect, delete it and report the incident to the 24-hour single fraud line.

The mails that are often phishing attacks claim that you have:

  1. been a victim of fraud and need to login urgently.
  2. received money into your account that needs to be confirmed.
  3. done something that will result in your account being suspended unless you login.
  4. violated terms and conditions and need to login.
  5. received a payment that needs to be confirmed.

Example of a phishing email

Never click on any links in an email that claims to be from FNB.

What you need to do

Check that the web address has a padlock and that it displays FNB's address.

Example of how remote access works

Protect yourself

  1. If someone calls you and requests your personal banking details or to install remote access software on your PC, please end the phone call and contact the fraud contact centre.
  2. FNB will NEVER ask you to share your One-Time PIN (OTP) to reverse pending transactions or to block your banking profile.
  3. NEVER disclose sensitive information, such as your username, password, card and PIN details to anyone - not even a bank official

Safety tips

  • Protect your personal, bank account and cellphone account information - also when you're online.
  • Immediately investigate when you notice that you are not receiving calls and messages.
  • Keep your phone switched on - otherwise you will not notice when your SIM card has been swapped.
  • Inform the bank should your cellphone number change so that your cellphone notification contact number is updated on our system.
  • If reception on your cellphone is lost, check what the problem could be immediately as you could have been the victim of an illegal SIM swap on your number. If confirmed, notify your bank immediately.
  • To protect yourself against a port-out scam and SIM swaps, you can make a quick phone call to your customer service to test your number still belongs to you.
  • Make a tweak to your account online, or add a security PIN to your account which will be required to make changes to your account, including porting your number or requesting a new SIM card.

Example of a telephone conversation


Digital fraud

FNB Security Centre provides you, our client, with the comprehensive information you need to protect yourself against fraudsters and simplifies the process to report fraud.


Identity theft

Identity theft occurs when your ID or passport is stolen or when a false ID is created with your personal information through phishing or from social media sites. The aim is to get credit or loans using your information and pretending to be you.

Examples of personal information

  • ID
  • Passport
  • Driver's licence
  • Email account
  • Payslip
  • Municipal bill and merchant account statements
  • Bank statements
Safety tips

What is a

phishing attack?

This is a form of fraud where criminals attempt to access your confidential information. This is done either by an email request for information or by leading you to a fake website.

Safety tips

Remote access

Remote access software is becoming a very popular way for fraudsters to gain access to your banking profile. These are sophisticated software programs that allow fraudsters to take control of your PC over the internet even though they are far from it.

Safety tips

SIM swap & porting

A SIM swap is a process of replacing your existing SIM card with a new SIM card moving your existing cellphone number to the new SIM card to receive One Time PIN (OTP) notifications.

In case of a port-out scam, fraudsters pretend to be you and port your current number to a new service provider, effectively shutting off your phone service and taking control of your number.

Safety tips

What is vishing?

Vishing is similar to phishing, but instead of being taken to a fake website via an email, you receive a call where the individual pretends to be from the bank and gets you to reveal personal information such as your username, password and PIN. Never do this regardless of the information they may already have about you.

Safety tips

What is smishing?

This is phishing through the use of an SMS, whereby you are encouraged to disclose personal information. The fraudster will pretend that the message is from a bank and it will prompt you to select a link.

FNB will never ask for your login details (i.e. username and password) via email, SMS, telephone or any other channels.

Lost/stolen device

If your device gets lost or stolen, please call the FNB Fraud Centre immediately to report the incident. You are also advised to delink your device via your Online Banking profile:
Log in to your profile, select 'Online Banking Settings', next, select the 'Banking' tab and then 'My Devices and Browsers'.